Voter ID Card

Voter ID Card in India

Voter ID Card

Voter ID Card in India:

Voter ID Card is a document issued by the Government of India to the citizens primarily for the purpose of casting vote. Voter’s id card also serves as a document for identification purpose. It is also known as EPIC (electros photo identity card).


Purpose of Voter ID Card

Voter ID Card is a valid document used to identify a voter from the electrol list, and letting the individual to caste vote.

Voter Identity Card also serves as a proof for identification.



  • Indian citizen.
  • Attained 18 years

Type of Voters

  • Service Voter: Individuals in service, i.e. members of the Armed Forces / Members of the Armed Police Force /members of groups under Army Act 1950 / members of Union / or individuals working abroad for the Government of India.
  • Overseas/NRI Electors: An Indian citizen, who is not present at the country due to employment, education etc., and has not obtained citizenship of any other nations are known as Overseas Voters.
  • Voters with disabilities: Individuals possessing one among the 21 disabilities as mentioned by the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 are termed as voters with disabilities.
  • General voters: Voters other than the categories mentioned above.

Documents Required (general)
• Address Proof
• DOB Proof
• Passport size photo


Apply for Voter ID Card

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