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Pancard Services in India

Pancard Services

Pancard Services in India:

Pan card

Permanent Account Number is known as PAN in short, and in simple words it is a 10-digit alphanumeric character used for identifying an entity. The Income Tax Department of India is responsible for issuing PAN in India, which is imprinted on a card hence known as PAN Card. Although the card is used mainly in taxation purposes it also serves as a photo identity card.

  1. Types of PAN CARD:

Pan card is categorised according to the nature of the entities. The fourth alphabet of a PAN distinguishes the type of entity it represents and it is as follows:



AAssociation of persons-AOPHHUF (Hindu undivided family)
BBody of individuals-BOILLocal authority
CCompanyJArtificial juridical person
FFirmPPerson (Individual)
GGovernmentTTrust (AOP)


  1. Documents Required:
Individual Aadhaar Card (mandatory)/ Passport/ Voter’s Identity Card/ Driving Licence/ Certificates of POI or POA
Hindu Undivided Family(HUF)An affidavit of the HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) endowed by the head of HUF, the details of POI or POA should also be included.
Company registered in IndiaCertificates of Registration endowed by the Registrar of Companies.
Firm/ Partnership (Limited Liability Partnership)Certificates of Registration endowed by the Registrar of Firms/ Partnership Deed & Limited Liability Partnerships.
TrustRegistration Number Certificate endowed by the Charity Commissioner or Document of Trust Deed (a copy of the any one certificate).
SocietyCertificates substantiating the Registration Number from the Registrar of Co-operative Society or Charity Commissioner.
ForeignerPassport, OCI or PIO card endowed by Govt. Of India, Residential country’s bank statement, a copy of NRE bank-account statement (India)



  • About Rupees 110 + service charges to apply for pan card for Indian Residents
  • About Rupees 1020, for PAN Cards to be posted abroad



  • Online Mode:
    1. Log on to NSDL or UTTITSL
    2. Fill & submit the Form
    3. Pay the fee
    4. Pan will be dispatched to the given address
  • Offline Mode:
  1. Reach the authorised PAN centre
  2. Fill the Form, Submit it with the Documents
  3. Pay the fee
  4. PAN will be dispatched to the given address

Common Service Centers are authorised to Provide PAN Registration & Related Services.

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