Driving Licence Related Services

Driving Licence Related Services in India

Driving Licence Related Services

Driving Licence Related Services in India:

DRIVING LICENCE; it can be referred as a legal permission for a person to operate motor vehicles on public road.


Learner’s Licence: The licence granted for operating gearless motor-cycle(Usually under 50cc).


  • Age must be sixteen years or above
  • Consent letter from parents/ guardian if below eighteen years of age.


  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Birth
  • Photograph
  • Form1 (Self Declaration)


Permanent Licences: The licence for operating a motor-vehicle other than a transport vehicle, such as a motor cycle with gear or a light motor vehicle.



  • Applicant must be eighteen years old
  • A valid Learner’s Licence
  • Must be familiar with driving rules and regulations of traffic, vehicle arrangement.


Documents Required

  • Form 4
  • Learner’s Licence
  • Residential Certificate (2 attested copies)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Self-Declaration Certificate


Transport Vehicles licence: The licence for operating a transport vehicle.


  • An applicant over the age of 20 is eligible to apply
  • A valid Light motor Licence



International Driving Permit: The type of permit provided to an Indian national holding a valid Indian Licence to operate vehicle on roads outside the national territory.  .


Documents Required

Form 2

Valid driving Licence

Passport/ Visa & Flight-ticket (copies)

Class of vehicle:

  • Motor cycle without Gear (Non-Transport) (MCWOG)
  • Motor Cycle with Gear(Non Transport) (MCWG)
  • LMV -3 Wheeler NT (3W-NT)
  • LMV-Tractor-NT (TRCTOR)
  • Adapted Vehicle (ADPVEH)
  • Road Roller (RDRLR)
  • Loader/Excavator (LDRXCV)
  • Cranes (CRANE)
  • ForkliftT (FLIFT)
  • Boring Rigg (BRIGS)
  • Construction Equipments (CNEQP)
  • Adapted Vehicle-2 (ADPVH2)
  • Adapted Vehicle-3 (ADPVH3)
  • E-CART (eCART)
  • Harvester (HARVST)
  • Trailers (TRAILR)
  • Agriculture Tractor and Power Tiller (AGRTLR)
  • Tow Trucks (TOWTRK)
  • Breakdown Van and Recovery Van (BRKREC)


Duplicate Licence

A duplicate license will be provided in case, if the original license is defaced, torn, destroyed, lost or completely written off and also when the photo in the license needs to be replaced.



  • Form – 2
  • If available, original license..

Renewal Of licence

When a license expires, it must be renewed to retain its validity.

  • Application for renewal of licence must be made no later than one month prior to the expiration date of the licence.
  • If the application is not made for more than five years from the expiration date of the license, the applicant must take all the necessary steps to obtain a new license.
  • If the renewal application is made before the expiration date or not more than 30 days, the licence will be renewed with effect from the date of expiry.
  • If the renewal application is filed more than 30 days after the expiry of the licence, the renewal will take effect from the date of receipt of the correct application. A fee of Rs. 30 /- will be realized.


Documents Required


Form 2, Form 1 & Form 1A

Aadhaar Card


DL (expired)


Fee Structure

1Issuance of Learner’s Licence150
2Learner’s licence test/ Recurring test50
3Test, or repeat test300
4Issue of driving licence200
5Issue of International Driving Permit1000
6Addition of class of vehicle500
7Renewal of driving licence200
8To alter particulars in driving licence e.g. address etc.200



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