Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration in India

Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration in India:

Common Service Centres (Central Government authorized centres) provides a vary of online and offline services which includes marriage registration,Etc.

What is Marriage-Registration ?

In short, Marriage-Registration is an act of recording or listing of marriage under the relevant government authority to obtain legal protection.

What is a Marriage Certificate ?

In short Marriage certificate is a legal document that affirms the marriage between two individuals and declares the individuals to be considered as spouses. The certificate provides a legal affirmity of marriage.

Documents Required

  • Form1
  • Address proof
  • Age proof
  • Photo – (bride & groom)
  • Signatures of two witness


  • To be Applied Prior to 45 days from the date of marriage- marriage_registration with respect to Kerala, it can vary in accordance with authority, type, etc. Hence confirmations to be made on limits.
  • Attainment of Age: Groom- 21 yrs. Bride- 18 yrs

Purposes of Registration

  • For citizens; a proof to confirm marriage.
  • For Govt.; to be recorded for statistics.


Online Registration; through Common Service Centres

Marriage can be registered online, Locate your nearest CSC to file an application online; CLICK HERE



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Marriage registration


Locate your Nearest CSC For more services, CLICK HERE.