Government Registration

Government Registration in India

Government Registration

Government Registration in India:

Common Service Centres are an initiative from the Government of India to deliver services at every nock and corner of the nation such as Government Registration services, Aadhaar Services, Bill Payments, Etc.

The Common Service Centres CSCs bridge the rural sections with services at ease. CSCs act as the medium in the network to satisfy & deliver service requests.

The advent of technology has empowered CSCs to deliver services more accurately and efficiently, and a vast of list services is currently available through common service centres, and the list is growing.

List of service available at CSC :-

Services related to

  • Education and Learning
  • Health and Wellness
  • Electricity, Water and Local services
  • Money and Taxes
  • Jobs
  • Justice, Law and Grievances
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Business and Self-employed
  • Births, Deaths, Marriages and Child care
  • Pension and Benefits
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Aviation
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Transport and Private Vehicles
  • Railways
  • Registration and Licences
  • Roads and Road Transport
  • Citizenship, Visas & Passports
  • Agriculture, Rural and Environment
  • Science, IT and Communications
  • Youth, Sports and Culture
  • Government Registration
  • Etc

To know more on the services and to check the availability of services locate your nearest Common Service Centre – CSC

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