Jeevan Pramaan – Life Certificate for Pensioners through CSCs

Jeevan Pramaan – Life Certificate for Pensioners through CSCs in India

Jeevan Pramaan – Life Certificate for Pensioners through CSCs

Jeevan Pramaan – Life Certificate for Pensioners through CSCs in India:

Jeevan Pramaan is the digital form of Life Certificate of a pensioner which is biometric enabled based on Aadhaar.



In India more than 1Cr families can be classified as pensioner families. About 50 Lakhs are the pensioners of the Central Govt, also the State and UT Govt.s too have similar number of pensioners. The above list also includes pensioners of Govt. agencies and public sector enterprises. In addition to this, the Army & Defence pensioners exceed 25 lakhs.

A pensioner can avail the pension only after submitting the Life Certificate to the pension disbursing agency. To obtain the Life Certificate the individual has to either personally present oneself before the Pension Agency or deliver the Life Certificate to the disbursing agency, which is issued by the department where they have served earlier.

One of the most important requirements for pensioners after retirement is to issue life certificates to accredited pension distribution agencies such as banks, post offices, etc. and then credit their pension to their account. To obtain this Life Certificate, the pensioner must either appear in person before the Pension Disbursing Agency or Deliver them a life certificate issued by the department, where they have previously served.

This requisite to appear in person before the disbursing agency or obtaining  a life certificate itself becomes a major barrier to the uninterrupted transfer of pension money to pensioners. It was noticed that this would cause a lot of unnecessary inconvenience to the elderly and disabled pensioners who could not always appear before the special authorities to secure the life certificate. In addition, many govt. employees after retirement sometimes choose to move to another locations with their family, thus creating a major logistic problem when accessing their pension.

The Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners, also known as Jeevan Praman, aims to address this issue by digitizing the entire process of securing a life certificate. It focuses  to make the process easier and more accessible to pensioners. With this initiative, the need for pensioners to appear in person before a distribution agency or certification authority will greatly benefit pensioners and cut down on unnecessary logistic barriers.



  1. Easy to Obtain the DLC.
  2. Automatic submission of DLC to Pension Disbursing Agency.
  3. Access certificate anytime



  • Aadhaar Number*
  • Name
  • Mobile Number*
  • Pension Account number*
  • Bank details
  • Details of Pension Sanctioning Authority
  • Details of Pension Disbursing Authority
  • Biometrics
  • Etc.


Jeevan Pramaan/ DLC validity

Validity of a Digital Life Certificate is in accordance with the rules specified by the Pension Sanctioning Authority.



A Pensioner of a Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) which is listed in the Jeevan Praman portal is eligible for DLC. For List of on boarded PSA #CLICK HERE



Common Service Centers (CSCs) provide Jeevan Praman ID/ DLC registration and related services. For more information #CLICK HERE to locate your nearest CSC.