BAR CODE in India


BAR CODE in India:

BAR CODE registration and related services can easily be availed at an authorised Common Service Centre.

Common Service Centres – CSCs are aimed to meet the needs in terms of service requirements & deliver services to every the nock and corners of the nation.


Bar Code is the way of representing data in a machine readable form by making use of numbers and parallel lines. Bar code are formulated and printed on commodities or other things for easy classification & control.

Now a day bar coding has become so common, may it be the store, or the hospital or the library or offices, etc. the application of bar coding technology remains visible in most spheres.



  • Tracking : Barcoding helps in easy tracking of a bar-coded object.
  • Classification : A bar-coded object could easily be classified.
  • Monitoring : Supervision of a coded object is an easy task.
  • Controlling : Coded objects are under supervision and control.


  • Easy identification
  • Simplicity of Recording Data
  • Efficient use of time
  • Reduces or Removes mistakes


Common Service Centres provide vary of services such as;

#Registration Services

#Bill payments

#Government Applications

#Job applications

#Bill Payments

#Scholarship Registrtions

#PASSPORT Registrations

#PAN CARD Registrations

#Aadhaar Services


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