Passport Registration

Passport Registration in India

Passport Registration

Passport Registration in India:


Passport is a legal document or a certification that is issued by a government or an authority entitled to do so. A person having a valid passport usually uses it as a travel document for travelling other nations. The holder of a valid passport possesses the right to protection while being in other nations and also to get returned to the same country which issued the passport.  A passport is also used to ascertain one’s country of citizenship.Details such as name(full), date of birth, gender, address, validity, etc. along with a photograph are furnished in the passport.

Passport in India

Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India issues Indian passport to the indian nationals for the purpose of international travel. The Passports Act (1967) enables the passport holder to travel  internationally and serves as a proof of Indian citizenship. The Passport Seva (Passport Service) a unit of the Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs,Govt. of India functions as the authority for issuing passports on demand to all the eligible Indian citizens. There are about 93 passport offices across India and also there lies around 197 Indian diplomatic missions abroad.

Types of passport

  1. Ordinary Passport (dark blue): The primary form of passport that is usually issued to the nationals for purposes such as vacation or business trips, study purposes, etc. It comes under Type P Passport, “P” denotes personal.
  2. Official Passport (white): Official passport is also known as service passport. Government employees are issued this type of passport for work-related travel, and also to the dependents accompanying them.  It is categorised as Type S Passport, “S” denotes service.
  3. Diplomatic passport (maroon): People holding diplomatic status such as Members of Parliament, Members of the Union Council, High ranked officials, etc. are issued Diplomatic passport. This type of passport enables the holder to experience certain privileges such as exemption of taxes.

Documents required for obtaining a passport

In Case of Minors : CLICK HERE

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Application Fee

TypePagesValidity (Years)Amount (Rupees)
Fresh/Re-Issue-Minors365 or (attainment of 18yrs,whichever is earlier)1000




Replacement (lost/stolen/damaged)603500
Replacement (ECR deletion/changes in particulars)36101500
Replacement (ECR deletion/changes in particulars)60102000
Replacement-Minors (ECR deletion/changes in particulars)365 or (attainment of 18yrs,whichever is earlier)1000


NOTE*: Rs. 2000/- is to be paid in addition to the fee mentioned above, for those Applications under Tatkaal Scheme**. Also applicable for minors (5 -18 years of age),applying for a 10-year full validity passport.

Fee is non-refundable.

Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs)

PSKs are the offices that provide front-end services regarding the issue of passport and related services. They act as the extended arms of passport offices.

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Appointment Availability Status

Intended Applicants can check availability of appointments in the nearest Operational PSK/POPSK through this link

Authorised agency

Common Service Centers are authorised facilities for delivering passport registration and related services. click here for the nearest Common Service Center