Digipay and DigipayLite

Digipay and DigipayLite

Digipay and DigipayLite

Digipay and DigipayLite are payment systems available as a novel option to avail monetary services in remote spots of the nation. What makes them differ is that DigipayLite is the new updated version of Digipay. Let the following para guide you to understand more about the system.


DigiPay is an Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) that is available at locations where Common Service Centres – CSCs has been acting as Business Correspondent. CSC Common Service Centres in collaboration with The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) provide easy payment services under Digipay.

Digipay system facilitates disbursement of government entitlements using Aadhaar authentication service of UIDAI. Citizen can receive the payments under their respective schemes such as  NREGA, Pension (Social Security, Handicapped, Old Age Pension, etc.)  of any Central / State Government institution or entity.

Digipay payment system is based on demographic, biometric/iris information of an individual, hence the threat of any fraud or non-genuine activities can be avoided. Since  Aadhaar facilitate anytime, anywhere, anyhow authentication for the citizen/customer the beneficiaries can easily make use of the service. Also another advantage of the Digipay payment system is that it is currently available on windows and Android based Desktop/ Laptop/Mobiles.


DigipayLite is the novel and advanced version of Digipay. CSC has officialy rolled out the service, and is fully functional now.

What makes the DigipayLite more acceptable is that it does not require a CSC (Common Service Centres) ID to become a service provider. Customers can use the services from Digipay even if they don’t have a CSC ID.

Novel DigipayLite is introduced by making various changes, which are user-friendly and helps to receives commissions immediately. Digipay Lite is introduced in a way that services can be begun immediately just after the installation and completion of the activation followed by KYC. DigiPay Lite can be assessed on the web.


Digipay Lite serves monetory services such as AEPS withdrawal, DMT, cash deposit, mini statement, etc. to the following para would provide a more clear image on Digipay Lite Services:-

  • Withdrawal Services: The facility will enable VLE to withdraw cash for the customers from their respective Aadhaar-linked account numbers.This facility will enable VLEs to withdraw money from the Aadhaar linked bank account of customers. The service is provided by entering the details such as customer’s Aadhaar number and bank name along with biometric authentication.
  • Balance Enquiry: This facility will enable customers to check the balance in their Aadhaar linked account numbers by the help of a VLE.
  • Domestic Money Transfer-DMT: This facility will enable customers to transfer money from their Aadhaar linked account numbers to the beneficiary account by the help of a VLE.
  • Mini Statement: This feature will enable customers avail mini statements of an account through DigiPay.
  • AEPS Cash Deposit: This facility helps customers to deposit cash to their accounts through DigiPay using the Aadhaar authentication.


The payment services can be availed by reaching a CSC (Common Service Centres) having Digipay services.

To locate your nearest CSC using the >>CSC locator tab.

Date: December 27, 2022